Thomas G. Woolston

Tom_WoolstonThomas G. Woolston has been working with inventors, entrepreneurs and start-ups for almost his entire career. These have been intellectual property intensive efforts where the core asset of the enterprise has been the new idea and that new idea has been secured through patents, copyrights and trademarks. Once the intangible idea has been secured into a hard asset, Mr. Woolston has been able to raise start-up funds, secure customers and protect shareholder and enterprise value. Mr. Woolston has been an expert panelist at the Federal Trade Commission investigation concerning the United States intellectual property system and its effects on small businesses and start-up endeavors. Currently Mr. Woolston is the manager of TTIG Capital Management and is a partner in Connected Ventures. He serves on the board of the George Mason University Foundation and the Krasnow Institute Advisory Board.

Prior to his current positions, Mr. Woolston practiced intellectual property law in Washington, D.C. and participated in the DC Bar’s pro bono indigent representation program. Prior to that Mr. Woolston was an electrical engineer with the Central Intelligence Agency specializing in data networks and networked applications. And prior to that, Mr. Woolston served as aircrew with the United States Air Force peacetime aerial reconnaissance Rivet Joint program.

Born in Pontiac, Michigan, Mr. Woolston holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, cum laude, from George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and a Juris Doctor from the George Washington University School of Law. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Great Falls, Virginia and is active in the community.