GMU Affiliates

  • Parag Chitnis – Department of Bioengineering, George Mason University
  • Robert M. Hazen – Clarence J. Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, George Mason University
  • Kathryn Laskey – Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Associate Director of the Center of Excellence in Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence, and Krasnow Affiliate
  • Sean Luke – Center for Social Complexity Affiliate and Computer Science
  • Evelyn Sander – Department of Mathematical Sciences, George Mason University
  • Tim Sauer – Department of Mathematics, George Mason University
  • Margaret Slavin – College of Health & Human Services and Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, George Mason University
  • Carlos E. Sluzki – College of Nursing and Health Science, ICAR, and Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study,George Mason University
  • James Thompson – Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study and Department of Psychology, George Mason University
  • James Trefil – Robinson Professor of Physics, George Mason University

External Affiliates

  • Jacopo Annese – Director and Principal Investigator, The Brain Observatory; President and CEO, Institute for Brain and Society
  • Axel Aubrun – Topos Partnership
  • Upinder Singh Bhalla – National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India
  • V. V. Binoy –School of Natural Sciences and Engineering, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India
  • Eric W. Bonabeau – Icosystem Corporation
  • James E. Burgess – Allegheny Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Alex J. Carlisle – Inova Neuroscience Research Program, Dept. of Neuroscience, Inova Fairfax Hospital; Inova-GMU Neuroscience Translational Research (INTR) Laboratory
  • Jerry Chandler – National Institutes of Health, Retired
  • Markus Dahlem- Institute of Theoretical Physics, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
  • Rene Doursat –  Complex Systems Institute, Paris (CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique)
  • James Ecklund – Chair, Department of Neurosciences, Inova Fairfax Hospital
  • Joshua Epstein – Johns Hopkins University
  • Armando Geller – Group W
  • Carl W. Hunt – Pioneer Cyberspace Strategies, LLC
  • Jagmeet S. Kanwal –  Georgetown University
  • Stuart Kauffman – Institute for Systems Biology
  • Jeffrey L. Krichmar – University of California, Irvine
  • Robert Lipsky – Director, Neuroscience Research, Department of Neuroscience, Inova Fairfax Hospital
  • Liset Menendez de la Prida – Instituto Cajal CSIC, Madrid Spain
  • Ben Nguyen – Neurosurgical Associates of Northern Virginia
  • Kathie Olsen – Founder & Managing Director, ScienceWorks
  • Margaret Polski – CNA and independent consultant
  • William M. Saidel – Department of Biology, Rutgers University
  • Robert Shumaker – Indianapolis Zoo and Indiana University-Bloomington
  • Olaf Sporns – Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University
  • Mark Turner – Institute Professor and Professor of Cognitive Science, Case Western Reserve University
  • Muhammet Uzuntarla – Department of Biomedical Engineering, Bulet Ecevit
  • Javier Used – Department of Physics, Universidad Rey Juan Carols, Spain
  • Alexandre Wagemakers – Department of Physics, Universidad Rey Juan Carols, Spain
  • Beverly C. Walters  Department of Neurosciences,  Inova Hospital System
  • Alan Waziri – Inova Fairfax Hospital