• Nadine Kabbani and Michael Scott (University of Virginia) have been awarded a research grant from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth for their project “Investigation of factors affecting nicotine vapor intake in adolescent males and females”.
  • Nadine Kabbani and Justin King Receive 4-VA Grant Award for their project “Mechanisms of susceptibility to nicotine addiction in adolescents: A focus on the addition of menthol to tobacco products”.


  • Nathan Kodama (ASSIP Fellow) wins the Best Poster Award for his poster “Spatial dynamics of calcium signaling via the alpha 7 nicotinic receptor in developing neurons“. Nathan was mentored by Jacob Nordman, a 5th year doctoral student in the lab. Congrats to both!


  • Nadine Kabbani and Amarda Shehu win the VYTP Small Grants Program for Research on the Causes and Prevention of Youth Tobacco Use  for their proposal entitled “Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Menthol Cigarette Addiction”
  • Nadine Kabbani edits new book on Dopamine in the popular series Methods in Molecular Biology.


  • NeuroX Symposium 2013: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of pop-Neuroscience. May 8-10, 2013. George Mason University, Arlington VA.
  • Our image on the cover of the Journal of Cell Science (Nov. 2012) shows expression of the a7 nicotinic receptor in axon branch and growth cone of a cortical neuron