Parking Options


Krasnow Institute parking options

The metered lot across Shenandoah River Lane is the closest visitor parking location to the Krasnow building.  Parking is limited to two hours at the rates posted ($3 per hour). Pay by quarters or credit card at the pay station, submitting the parking spot number of your car. For longer parking times, use the Shenandoah Deck.

Instructions for Shenandoah (formerly Sandy Creek) Parking Deck
Enter at 1st level-1st left off Sandy Creek Way. (All exit lanes are on York River Rd side of parking deck)
$3.00/hour; $14/day maximum
Note: This is an automated facility. Information / help is available via intercom.
Instructions: Obtain a parking ticket when you enter the deck and
keep the parking ticket with you. When you leave–
—take your ticket to one of the pay machines by the elevators on levels one and three of the parking deck. Insert your ticket in the pay machine. Pay with either cash or credit card. Retrieve your parking ticket. Once you pay you will have fifteen minutes to exit the deck. To activate the gate insert your parking ticket into the ticket machine at the exit gate and the gate will open.
—pay by credit card at the specified exit gates.