Fellowship Programs


A Lab sample being sharedThe period between receiving a Ph.D. and beginning a well-defined career track often is the most fruitful time in the creative life of a scientist. Providing scholars freedom to devote this period of time to research, unencumbered by other duties, has been the essence of The Krasnow Institute’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. Scientists in many disciplines often recall their postdoctoral research as most productive.

One of the goals of The Krasnow Institute is to maintain a cohort of Postdoctoral Fellows chosen from among the leaders of graduating Ph.D. recipients throughout the world. The Krasnow Scientific Advisory Board is a major source for establishing a network among leading graduate programs, young scientists, and The Krasnow Institute’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. These new scientists are given freedom to explore and expand their creative thought processes and research techniques, while working for mentors at The Krasnow Institute. They remain at the Institute for one, two, or three years developing strong research programs, collaborations with other scientists, and a worldwide network of associations.

The Krasnow Institute’s interest lies in encouraging dialog among investigators in diverse disciplines enabling them to develop more fully those areas of overlap, where new ideas often arise. Although current funding limits the number of postdoctoral participants, it is hoped that the new facilities together with increased resources will result in a fully implemented program involving twelve postdoctoral fellows.